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Kabbalah - Crossing the Threshold

Dr. Moshe gives a class about some of the more profound aspects and least discussed aspects of The End of Days Kabbalah - In particular, what it means to cross the Threshold - Includes special meditations. 4 hours on MP3 files.

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Dr. Moshe Daniel goes to the next level of the End of Days Kabbalah in closely examining our purposes for being here on the planet, and deals with the greatest hurdles that a seeker can encounter on the path to liberation from the illusions and fears of the world. Join Dr. Moshe in a discussion about the major stumbling blocks that light workers encounter on their healing journeys, and gain insight into how to overcome some of the most difficult challenges that are encountered on the path to total liberation from duality. Also shared are more advanced and powerful insights of Kabbalah, alchemy, and astrology, and time permitting, meditations for letting go of control like, The Leap of Faith, The Ninth Heaven, and The Foot Vibration meditations and more.

At the Life Spectums 2007 Retreat