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Kabbalah 26 Broadcasts

Dr. Moshe speaks on Kabbalah for End Times, divulges many original and practical applications of the Tree of Life and balancing the male and female, all with a humorous twist including special studio guests Kathy Kreedance, Zorge the Thick, and Clem Kediddlehopper. 26 different talks on MP3.

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Hour 1 and Hours 2 - Moshe Daniel Kabbalistically illustrates the purpose behind Creation, understanding the model of Adam and Eve without confusion of the controlling element of the earth. Moshe daniel lays down his model of End-Time Kabbalah which he will continue to use as the foundation for the rest of the Broadcasts. 

Hour 3- Moshe introduces the Tree of Life, and its overall concept, plus revealing some things aligned with its True nature that have been hidden for thousands of years. Revealing where the source of all duality lies in the Tree of Knowledge for Good and Bad, Moshe also offers an understanding of the balance between Chochma and Bina. 

Hour 4- Moshe discusses the issue of the unbalanced female energy, called the unbalanced positive and goes into detail to help us understand how to balance the male with the female through Chochma and Bina. 

Hour 5- Dedicated to understanding the mind-body connection in health and illness. a simple message empowering each of us to understand how the power and responsibility for healing ourselves lies in our own hands. 

Hour 6- Dedicated to understanding the balance between Chesed and Gevourah in the Tree of Life. 

Hour 7- Moshe discusses Free Will, and also, the significance behind letting go of Free Will, why we want to do so, why the term “Free” is a misleading misnomer, and why he called it ‘Frmee Will’ in book 1 of the Last Four Books of Moses. 

Hour 8- Moshe discusses the balance between Netzach and Hod in the Tree of Life. 

Hour 9- How one extreme in the Tree of Knowledge always results in the other extreme. Also delving further into the Sephirot already covered, Moshe discusses aspects of Keter and Malchut. 

Hour 10- Moshe introduces the mystery of the Sphinx, and enters into the discussion of the importance of embracing and facing death as it dwells inside of Scorpio's depths.

Hour 11- Moshe focuses on the sphere of the Tree of Life called Yesod, and about sexuality as it relates to Yesod. 

Hour 12- Moshe reveals some mysteries of Kabbalah concerning Adam, Noah, and the Lost civilization of Atlantis. 

Hour 13- Moshe discusses the Civilization of Love called Hoova, the purpose of the people who came from Hoova, namely the Hebrew people and all Light workers and healers of the Planet. Also shared is the healing that is to come about during these days between Ishmael and Israel. 

Hour 14- Moshe shares in this hour what he considers the most important and significant mystery of all of Kabbalah.

Hour 15- Moshe discusses the mystery of the Sphinx, how it relates to the Galactic Heart Centre and Chiron, and how these relate to the Christ consciousness and to the civilization of Hoova. 

Hour 16- Moshe discusses the understanding of the Mayan principle of changing the present by releasing the past, reveals more secrets of the Torah, the whole picture of Torah as it is in the End-Time Kabbalah messages. Also shared is more on the mystery of the Sphinx and the civilization of Hoova. Also shared is the dawning of the understanding of how Moses, Noah, and Adam are all related in the Torah. 
In this hour, Moshe discusses the challenges that come up in service to Love in relation to the rest of the world that may be stuck to the past and to the Machine Mind. 

Hour 17- Moshe discusses the importance of drinking water and recites Part II of the Song of Moshe - Kabbalah poetry with many very special messages.

Hour 18- Moshe discusses the Law of One and how that relates to the individual. Also shared are some of the most difficult challenges that face the Soul from Hoova on Earth that lies in the understanding of the Eagle, the Lion, the Man, and the Bull in the Secret of the Sphinx. In this hour, the Lion is discussed in detail. 

Hour 19- Continued from Hour 18 on the challenges that face the Soul from Hoova on Earth that lies in the understanding of the Eagle, the Lion, the Man, and the Bull in the Secret of the Sphinx. In this hour, the Eagle/Scorpio is discussed in alchemical, astrological, Kabbalistic detail. 

Hour 20- continues the discussion of the Secret of the Sphinx and enters into the four worlds of Kabbalah and how these relate to the four major civilizations described in the Only Planet of Choice. 

Hour 21 - Broadcast originally on Christmas Day 2006, Moshe shares some Kabbalistic and alchemical knowledge of the Christ's teachings and how to balance with Honour thy Mother and thy Father. Also shared, is the introduction to the wonderful land called Nutopia / EveryNationLand. also shared, are two psalngs of david, celebrating a beautiful purpose of Canada and the whole world in EveryNationLand. 
Nutopian International Anthem song for the World and I am Canadian for Canada. 

Hour 22- Moshe, based on Cathy Kreedance's questions, discusses many aspects of nutrition, from the philosophy to practical important elements to consider in each person's diet and mode of eating and also how to keep it simple and not get too caught up in worrying about diet. Also shared in this hour is one of the major limitations or stumbling blocks of the Sphinx Christ consciousness as it lies within Taurus.

Hour 23 - Discussed are the diseases of human consciousness that relate to the denial of God, throwing out God with religion, and the problems of New Age in relations to the denial of the Creator. In addition to that, Moshe discusses some of the pitfalls of the aspect of Aquarius in the Sphinx Christ consciousness for human beings to overcome in order to ascend to our true nature. Also shared are the three Psalngs of David “IMA I AM” “Pa Love Dares Me” and “Immorduality” discussing the nature of the human to have made a choice to adopt the mind of the Devil... and how to let this go. 

Hour 24 - In this hour, Moshe critiques some of the imbalances found in the movie "The Secret," and discusses some of the great challenges of illusion and evil that can be encountered as one approaches the total release from duality. Also shared The Ninth Heaven Meditation. 

Hour 25 - In this hour, Moshe is interviewed by Steve and Monica Donofrio from The Responsibility Act concerning health and medicine, illness, Kabbalah, and many other topics. 

Hour 26 Is a mystery to be discovered.