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The Revolution of Naturopathic Medicine

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The Revolution of Naturopathic Medicine is a book on naturopathy designed to inspire naturopathic doctors, students, and people interested in real healing to work in harmony with the healing model of our naturopathic roots. Discussing the importance of embracing the principles of our naturopathic philosophy, while illustrating how to go about it.

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Helping the naturopathic student and the doctor setting out on the "road less traveled" to have confidence and trust in this beautiful medicine of Nature.

The world is changing, as is our medicine. Naturopathic medicine philosophy is at the spearhead helping people to understand gentler and deeper-acting medicine. Naturopaths are forging the way into better healthcare for all people. This book helps you, the naturopathic student, doctor, healer, and patient, understand your role in the shift away from the allopathic paradigm (symptoms and disease based treatment) to the holistic, healing paradigm. It helps you understand and apply the principles of naturopathic medicine, so that they are not just some first year philosophy and practice topic that is later abandoned to the world of allopathic prescribing. Using cases to illustrate the application of the philosophy of the medicine into practice, this book on naturopathy makes it clear that the principles are there for a reason - why they work and why we want to apply them in practice.

Despite having a unique philosophy of practice (Do no harm. Act in harmony with the Healing Power of Nature - Vis Medicatrix Naturae. Address the fundamental cause of disease. Heal the whole person. Treat the individual. Doctor as teacher), colleges and clinics of naturopathic medicine are more aligned with the allopathic model in hopes of gaining credibility and accreditation. This book dispels the fears and errors of thinking that make our profession want to emulate conventional medicine instead of remaining true to our roots. It is

This book on naturopathic medicine Introduces the Seventh Point of Naturopathic Medicine Philosophy and explains its importance: Physician, Heal Thyself!