Terms and conditions of Taking Holistic Counseling 3-Step Certification

Holistic Counseling Student Agreement

Following Part 1 and before taking Part 2, a student will practice a minimum of 10 dialogues with family, friends, or clients / patients. In order to take Part 2, a student will submit two filled-in self-assessment forms based on two of the 10 practice dialogues.

By taking Part 2 of Holistic Counseling, you also understand that Part 2 is the last class before a practitioner of Holistic Counseling can become certified in Holistic Counseling. Following part 2, a student will practice a minimum of 15 cases before taking the final step for Certification. There is a final step before the Certification process is complete that involves recording audio/video of two cases of 1 hour each, and submitting these videos to Dr. Moshe for assessment. The assessment for Certification costs $400. If a student fails to prove proficiency in the Holistic Counseling Vis Dialogue during Step 3, Dr. Moshe will request that the student resubmit either one or two more dialogues (depending on how much more Dr. Moshe needs to assess the student) of one hour each at the expense of $150 per 1-hour dialogue. For this reason, Dr. Moshe recommends that the student waits until they feel confident that their skill level is adequate to prove their proficiency in the Vis Dialogue. However, Step 3, the assessment part, is still part of the learning process and a student can learn a lot from the feedback Dr. Moshe provides in the assessment process, in the same way that a student can submit their Vis Dialogues for a consultation. So Part 3 is not just an assessment, but also a chance to improve one's practice and continue the Physician heal thyself process.

Once certified, you can advertise on your website and in your office / practice that you are a certified Vis Dialogue Practitioner, VDP, being proficient in the Vis Dialogue. You will also have a bio listed on the official Holistic Counseling website stating that you are Certified in the Vis Dialogue. Referral programs will be available to interested practitioners. Before that time, you may tell patients and people that you have learned Holistic Counseling – The Vis Dialogue and are in training, but are not yet certified. Before Certification, you may not advertise on your website or marketing material that you practice Holistic Counseling.

By downloading Part 1, you agree not to distribute or share the video with any other person/party. By taking Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3 of Holistic Counseling, you agree to not teach this technique to anyone. If you wish to become an instructor in Holistic Counseling, there will be an opportunity in the future to take a teacher’s training class. This will be available to practitioners that have taken Part 1, Part 2, done the Certification process, and have practiced for a minimum of three years, demonstrating excellence in the Vis Dialogue. 

Holistic Counseling self-assessment form

Holistic Counseling

Self-Assessment form