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    Dr. Moshe speaks on Kabbalah for End Times, divulges many original and practical applications of the Tree of Life and balancing the male and female, all with a humorous twist including special studio guests Kathy Kreedance, Zorge the Thick, and Clem Kediddlehopper. 26 different talks on MP3.

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    Dr. Moshe gives a class about some of the more profound aspects and least discussed aspects of The End of Days Kabbalah - In particular, what it means to cross the Threshold - Includes special meditations. 4 hours on MP3 files.

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    Dr. Moshe takes you on a 3-hr exciting journey through the mysterious visions of Ezekiel and John's Book of Revelation, to understand the secret codes left for us in the stars. This workshop was absolutely amazing and REALLY brought many people a great inspiration. 3 hr .wmv Video

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items